Jamie Lynn Spears Draws the Line

"It Doesn’t Have to Go That Far”

When Jamie Lynn Spears had a sleepover last year, she wrote a song about saying no to unwanted sleepovers.

It’s called, obviously, “Sleepover.”

Spears penned the song at a girls’ writing retreat at her family’s condo in Destin, Florida last June.

“Liz [Rose] and Tina [Parol] drove down for the retreat, and they pitched me this idea called ‘Sleepover,’” Spears told me. She wasn’t so sure about it when she heard the title. But once they explained the song—that girls can flirt and have fun but it doesn’t have to lead to a hook up—Spears loved it.

“I feel like it’s so empowering for young girls to have a voice like that,” she said of the song’s message that girls have control over what happens at the end of the night. “They need that. You don’t have to be a prude, but at the same time, you don’t have to have a sleepover. It doesn’t have to go that far.”

The writers didn’t have any instruments at the retreat, so they made a recording of just the vocals and sent it to Corey Crowder, who built the music around the words. “Songs these days don’t happen that way anymore,” Spears said.

Since this new song, and plenty of others, came out of the retreat, Spears told me she's making it an annual event. She leaves for this year's retreat on Thursday (July 14).

"I host everyone at our condo,” she said. “We’re pretty blessed with a big condo. It can sleep about ten people. We all have breakfast together, I plan a big dinner, and we have a space at the beach. And when we write, there’s no pressure and no timeline, so the songs just kind of fall out. It’s hard to call that work."

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