Wheeler Walker Jr. Removed From Country Music Hall of Fame For Protesting Florida Georgia Line Exhibit

Wheeler Walker Jr. is asking fans to “cancel” him before he releases forthcoming record.

Country music star Wheeler Walker Jr. took to the Country Music Hall of Fame on Tuesday, March 8, to protest the new Florida Georgia Line exhibit. With a picket sign in hand, the singer-songwriter called for the removal of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard from the sacred venue.

“FGL does not belong here,” the large signed read in red and black.

In a selfie-style video, the vocalist backed his underlining motive with reasons why the establishment should take action. The “Family Tree” artist declared the award-winning duo is “pop” and not “country.”

“My American rights…Florida Georgia Line does not belong here,” he screamed on the steps of the museum before telling tourists to go home. “They have a Florida Georgia Line exhibit, man, it stinks. They stink,” he added.

The controversial musician then went on a criticizing rampage – expressing his opposing viewpoint. In the process, the artist did not hesitate to ask country music fans their perspective on the multi-platinum group.

“How was it? Awful?” Walker asked visitors. “You saw pop music…that wasn’t country, that was pop,” he told a ticketholder.

After holding a one-person protest outside, Walker brought his initiative into the lobby and claimed it was a public forum to speak his mind. However, it wasn’t long until security stopped the musician from chanting and asked him kindly to leave the property.

“I’m going ask you to leave,” the employee of the establishment inquired. “Yeah, I just have a problem with Florida Georgia Line,” replied Walker.

After bickering with the staff, another security guard intervened to end the situation.

“Is there a Florida Georgia Line country song I can hear?” requested the singer. “We can go outside and pull it up on Google.” The second security guard demanded.

Walker continued to take a stance and pleaded that he has the “right as an American” to protest. While he wasn’t wrong, the Country Music Hall of Fame team confirmed that the vestibule is considered private property.

Eventually, the artist respected security and left the space.

“I just got kicked out. I got kicked out for pointing out the truth,” the soloist told the camera. Following his exit, Walker stood in the streets and a bystander threatened to call the police.

The actions of Wheeler Walker Jr. do not come as a surprise, as he recently asked fans on social media to cancel him (#cancelwheeler) before his upcoming album release on April 15.

Within the social media post, he expressed that his forthcoming record named “Sex, Drugs & Country Music” will be offensive and inappropriate. Therefore, he wanted to be “one step ahead” and give listeners a strong warning.

The artist is expected to kick start his Wheeler Walker Jr.’s 2022 Comeback Tour on April 14 at The Ryman Auditorium and will wrap up the trek over the summer in Wichita, Kansas.

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