Nelly Talks Working With Florida Georgia Line, Details His Forthcoming EP

"Even though country music is their heart, they like some hip hop," says Nelly about country fans

With nearly two dozen global top-ten charting singles, Nelly has as many hits as he has years in the music industry as a recording artist. As famous as he is for soulful, multi-platinum selling 2002-released rap single "Hot in Herre," he may be equally as renowned in many respects for his duet with Tim McGraw for 2004's "Over and Over," plus his appearance on the 2013-released remix of countrified Florida Georgia Line single "Cruise." Having recently partnered with the duo again for fast-rising single "Lil Bit" as the lead-in to a forthcoming EP, the groundbreaking performer offered thoughts on both recently to Music Mayhem.

"When I had met Florida Georgia Line, they had already had success. They were already, you know, pretty big in the country world, I would say," Nelly remembers. The emcee continues, "When we’re having fun when we’re in the studio [and] making music -- because I think we both have an understanding of where we want the music to come from -- and when that aligns, we get things such as 'Cruise' [and] 'Lil Bit,' [plus] a few other songs that we’ve done that we don’t know what we’re gonna do with yet."

Regarding his forthcoming Heartland EP, Nelly offers a fascinating thought on fusing genres. He says, "You have traditional country, but you also have young country, and I don’t think you can find a country artist or a country fan that’s 50 years or younger in age that doesn’t have some affinity or appreciation for hip hop somewhere. They like some hip hop. Even though country music is their heart, they like some hip hop. And I think that energy, that hip hop brings, and that only hip hop brings, is what’s allowing [my blend] right now."

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