CMT Premiere: Randy Rogers Band Conveys True Love In "I Won't Give Up" Music Video

Randy Rogers wrote "I Won't Give Up" alongside Radney Foster and Jim Beavers.

Randy Rogers Band is celebrating true love in the music video for their song "I Won't Give Up."

"I think this video boils down the essence of this tune to a simple love story," said Johnny Chops, a member of the Randy Rogers Band who also produced and directed the video. "I wanted to convey the message that true love can stand the test of time."

Randy Rogers wrote "I Won't Give Up" alongside Radney Foster and Jim Beavers. Foster produced the song. Chops and Andy Overton produced the video.

Lyrics include: So I won't | Give up on you| That's the last damn thing girl I would ever do| No I won't give up on us| I would fight the fires of hell and the devil himself

In the video, a couple walks into a bar to discover a party is being held in their honor. Then, they spend the rest of the night on the dance floor with each other.

"Even though this might be this couple's average Saturday night, there is a beauty to that kind of staying power," Chops said. "Plus, we wanted it to have an authentic Texas honky-tonk feel to it. Several of us started playing Riley's Tavern (filming location) in our formative years, so it felt like we had come full circle."

One of the band's favorite moments came during the wedding scene when Rogers played the ceremony's officiant. He read obscure passages from the Bible that weren't appropriate for a wedding, but it didn't matter because the crew wasn't recording audio. They captured the footage anyway and used the scene because people were naturally smiling and laughing at the out-of-place Bible verses.

Chops called it a "dream come true" to see the video come together.

"I am extremely proud of the crew we put together," he said. "When you work behind the camera and on the production side, it really highlights the value of collaboration. I am very thankful my band brothers supported me and gave me the reins to explore my vision for this project, and to all the people who put in the hours to make it happen."

Chops wants fans to see themselves in the music video.

"Over the years, we have seen a lot of situations very similar to this one and in a way, it's a testament to them and their standing by us all this time," he said.

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