CMT Premiere: Zach Williams Collaborates With Walker Hayes on "Jesus' Fault"

CMT Artist of the Year Honoree Walker Hayes teamed with Christian music great Zach Williams for a song Hayes wrote about how Jesus changed his life, "Jesus' Fault."

Lyrics include: I guess that's what happens when He chases you down| Everything's different, there's a new me in town| I don't wake up angry at the mirror on the wall| So if you miss the old me, well, that's Jesus' fault

Hayes co-wrote the song with Michael Farren and the video, which debuted today, was produced and directed by Patrick Tohill. While Hayes co-wrote and sang on the song, "Jesus' Fault" is Williams' project.

"I love it when song lyrics can sneak up on you and make you go, 'Wow,'" Williams said. "I think the levity of the video adds that extra punch when the lyrics come around and you hear the hook. It's a jab, jab, hook kinda song."

Williams said the singers used the video, which looks like it was filmed during the song's recording process, to bring levity to the otherwise heavy song.

"Anytime we do a music video, it allows us to put some personality into the song - even more so with a guy like Walker who really dove in headfirst," Williams said. "Playing off each other for the performance was great, and I think it adds a new aspect to the song."

Being on set with Hayes all day was like "making music with an old friend," Williams explained. 

"It's always fun to collaborate with great artists," he explained. "Having my band there to be in the video with us made it even that much more fun."

Williams couldn't be happier with the way the video came out. 

"I felt really proud to be able to work alongside such a great guy and great artist, and to have my band there with us was even sweeter," he said.

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