WATCH: Marty Stuart Jams With Waylon Jennings In This Throwback Video

This vintage video clip from 1991 shows the two artists performing "Waymore's Blues"

Marty Stuart recently shared a vintage video clip from 1991, featuring himself with country superstar Waylon Jennings--two musicians and staunch country music fans hanging out on a tour bus and performing Jenning's "Waymore's Blues" before a show in Clarkston, Michigan. At the time, Stuart was enjoying success on the country radio charts with songs including "Hillbilly Rock," "Tempted," and "Little Things."

"He always calls me Waymore," Jennings says in the clip. "So I had to write a song about it."

In 2016, Stuart donated his video archives to the Library of Congress. As Stuart explained in a recent Instagram post, the Library of Congress transferred his footage and digitized it.

"Over the past couple of years, I've finally reviewed most of that work," Stuart said, "and it is literally miles of work."

"Since the late 1980s, I’ve kept a video camera close by to capture life at home, on the road, the studio, and other assorted theatres of musical mayhem," Stuart further explained. "Until the great lockdown of 2020, I’d never taken the time to look at most of what had been captured over the years. Scenes such as this informal dressing room jam with Waylon Jennings felt important when it happened. However, now thirty years later, I look upon the moment as no less than a precious treasure. Song number 5, which is to be released on July 27th, from the Songs I Sing In The Dark series, is a cover of Waylon’s classic 1974 RCA recording of “This Time.” The song got me thinking about Waylon and sent me into the video vault to see what I could find. “Waymore’s Blues” is what archivist Traci Todd found."

Last year, it was announced that Stuart is joining Jennings as a fellow member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. In March 2021, Stuart announced a new 20-track acoustic project, Songs I Sing In The Dark. Stuart has been rolling out a song from the album each month.

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