CMT Premiere: Robby Johnson details heartbreak in “Tryin’ To Get Over You’’

Robby Johnson traveled to the beach to film his new music video for "Tryin' To Get Over You"

Robby Johnson details heartbreak in his new song and video "Tryin' To Get Over You."

Written by Johnson and Danny Rader, "Tryin' To Get Over You" follows a guy trying to drown his heartbreak at a bar while his ex moves on with her life.

"The video shows exactly what's underlined in the lyrics of the song by showing the beautiful love story that existed before the breakup," Johnson said. "I hope (viewers) can understand how sad the song truly is by watching how desperate the boy is to bring her back in his life."

Johnson traveled to the beach for the video shoot, where the actors and crew only had about five hours to complete the clip. Directed by Ryan Justice, the video juxtaposes scenes of an anguished man at the bar with footage of a couple falling in love under a pier.

The singer was thrilled when he saw the beauty of the footage from the pier, another relief from the video shoot that at one point he worried wouldn't happen.

"The GM of the restaurant wasn't very happy to learn we were gonna shoot a music video in his NFL Packers bar section," Johnson said. "There had been a miscommunication between the managers, and for a second or two, we thought that the shooting would never take place. The GM went from being really upset to being excited after he saw that I had sung with Keith Urban while googling my name."

Looking back, Johnson feels like they caught "lightning in a bottle" with the music video.

"I'm extremely happy," he said. Of the song, he explained: "I love the fact that the listeners will have a totally different appreciation of the song once they get to the end of it and understand what's really going on in this poor guy's life."

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