A Look Inside Eric Church's Thank-You Notes

No wonder this guy's a songwriter.

Spend some time reading Eric Church's new album's liner notes, and it will be is so obvious he has a way with words. Even when he's not singing them.

All he's doing in this one page of gratitude is telling the world (or at the very least all of the people who buy hard copies of his Outsiders CD) why he is so blessed.

Here are a few of those blessings Church appreciates:

"First of all, I'm so grateful for the gift of music. It is a spiritual and Divine blessing that I treat with the respect it deserves from Whom it was bestowed." (Sounds like a "Country Music Jesus" to me.)

"My wife Katherine, I love you and live for you." (That could easily be a song. Maybe on the next album.)

"To Boone, you've changed my life and given it joy and purpose I never knew existed. I love you son." (His son is already 2. They grow up so fast.)

"Jay Joyce, I enjoy our relationship more with every record. We never settle. Thank you for being you." (Joyce has produced all four of Church's studio albums, all the way back to Sinners Like Me in 2006.)

"John Peets, what a journey, if I had a dime for every time we got each other in trouble we would be on a beach by now. Thank you for your guidance, counsel and fellowship. I look forward to the next chapter." (Another one who's been with Church since the beginning -- his manager.)

Then Church goes to thank a long list of everyone who touched this project in some way, including everyone at his label, his team, his crew and his brothers in music.

He saves one of the best shout-outs for last, though.

"To the fans, our choir, our fellow outsiders, you're the tip of the sword. You are where this all starts and ends, and I thank you the most. Tell the world we are coming! -- Chief."

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