Jackson Dean's "Wings" Is A Stirringly Emotional, "Rough" And "Dreamy" Country Ballad

"This is not your average country music," says the rising crooner

Jackson Dean's been described previously as a performer who does not rest his singer-songwriter credibility on cliches or bloated bravado, resulting in a kind of music that’s "rough on the outside, seeking when you listen and grounded in real instruments played with a sense of purpose." On his latest single, "Wings," these apparent notions create a powerful, anthemic ballad.

"'Wings' is slick and dreamy, but where the song comes from is really rough and organic in a way. It comes from tangible things that the lighting and video captured perfectly," says Dean to CMT. Regarding the shooting of the track's video, he adds, with a touch of humor, "it was one of the first times it reminded me that I am a recording artist, and this set and crew are here because of me. It's pretty funny to look back and remember walking in looking half homeless with things falling out of my pockets. I was wearing a jean jacket my bother gave me that he wore around the world, and we decided to incorporate it into the set. After being poked and prodded, they pulled some nose hairs and I sat down a well-groomed dude and did what I do."

Related to the clip, Dean offers a call to do something more than sit and watch his new video. As well, his statement includes something related to how to best engage with his new music:

"This is not your average country music," he says. "This is something different to take people somewhere they ain't never before, and they've got to see it live."

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