CMT Roundup: New Music From Cole Swindell, ERNEST, Avery Anna and more

Hear CMT's favorite new country songs of the week on CMT's new music playlist The Roundup

Find new music this week from ERNEST with Lainey Wilson, Avery Anna, Cole Swindell, Tim Montana and more on CMT's The Roundup. There's even a few unexpected surprises. Check out Keith Urban's duet with Snoop Dog and Chris Stapleton's collaboration with Slash.

Cole Swindell, “Forever To Me,”: “To be living in a moment and get to write about it, I don’t think it can ever get more real than that,” said Swindell. “And one of the reasons I love songwriting and country music. Outside of ‘You Should Be Here,’ I think this song is honestly one of the most personal songs I have written and shows exactly where I am in my life – Greylan [James], Rocky [Block]  and I knew from the time we sat down to write this song that it was special.  This is one I think a lot of folks can relate to in some way- either what you dream about one day or what it is like to finally find your forever.”

Avery Anna, “Two Sides Of The Story”: “This is closure for me,” she said. “There’s always two sides of the story when it comes to heartbreak, but acceptance is knowing no matter who is at fault, the outcome is the same. All you can do is move on.”

Slash with Chris Stapleton, “Oh Well”: “So, this is the original Fleetwood Mac, which was founded by Peter Green, one of the greatest singer-songwriter-guitar players, he’s less known in the public, but very well known to us guitar players re the 60s British blues and he’s up there with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Nick Taylor. He sort of had a misadventure with drugs and disappeared early in his career, but he had some great fucking songs and ‘Oh Well’ is one of my favorites. I remember hearing the song on the radio when I was probably 13, they used to play both the older version of Fleetwood Mac and the new version of the band with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham a lot. I always loved this song, and it’s a great guitar riff. I jammed it with the Blues Ball back in the ‘90s, and I've played it live here and there. I knew from the beginning I wanted to do the song on this record. It was also one of the songs that I was trying to figure out who would be the right vocalist for it, and one of the ideas I had was Chris Stapleton, who is one of the most brilliant singer songwriters today. He's also got such a gritty and distinctive voice, so I called him up and he did an amazing job. I mean, his voice is so cool.”

Tim Montana, “Savage”: "'Savage' is a window into my world and what I was inspired by over the course of writing and recording this album," Montana shares. "If there is a keystone or a decoder ring to the themes of these songs, 'Savage' is it. It's best enjoyed extremely loud."

Grant Gilbert, “Drunk Since Dallas”: “As a songwriter, you’re always on the lookout for ideas for a song. On a trip to Florida, one of my friends arrived after he’d been drinking all day at the airport,” says Gilbert. “When he showed up, he said, ‘Man, I’ve been drunk since Dallas.’” I wrote the song the following week. As a Texan, I figured it was about time I had a song about Dallas.”

TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang, “Addicted To You”: ”While recording our new duet album, Kelly and I decided to revisit this song that she originally had written for my ‘Midnight In Memphis’ album,” Sheppard said. “We both felt it would work even better with both of us singing it together. We hope you like this new version as much as we enjoyed recording it for our new, soon-to-be-released duets album. Also a special thanks to Gus Arrendale and Springer Mountain Farms for all of their support on this project.”

 Albums out now:

Ernest, “Nashville, Tennessee”: “I was born and raised in Nashville,” ERNEST said. “I love this city, it's the country music capital of the world, and this album is a positive affirmation in the name of country music. That country at its core, the songwriting and storytelling, is popular again.”

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