Florida Georgia Line Keep Positive Attitude for 2015 CMT Music Awards

No “Resting Bitch Face” for the Duo, Brian Kelley Says

Remember when Taylor Swift and her brother Austin were dancing like crazy when Florida Georgia Line performed “Cruise” at the 2013 CMT Music Awards? Well, so do Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard.

Because how could you ever forget that kind of enthusiastic support from an artist like Swift?

Right before the duo’s rehearsal for their Wednesday night (June 10) performance at the CMT Music Awards, I asked Kelley and Hubbard which country artists they’d dance for.

“I feel like when Thomas Rhett performs, I can’t help but dance,” Hubbard told me. “Every song he’s been doing lately just makes me want to. Especially at awards shows. That makes me want to dance. Even if no one else is doing it, I’ll be standing up dancing.”

Kelley’s got a couple of favorites of his own. And luckily for him, they’re both performing at this week's awards show.

Jason Aldean’s always got those songs that make me bob my head,” Kelley said. “And I heard a new song by Keith Urban today -- I think it’s called “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” -- and when he plays that at the show, I’ll be excited to see that. It’s not necessarily a party song, but it’s just a great country song. I’m excited to see that live and feel that song. It felt great on the radio.”

And even though Florida Georgia Line may be relatively new to the whole awards show thing -- their breakout hit “Cruise” was released less than three years ago -- they know the No. 1 rule: always be smiling.

“You don’t ever want resting bitch face,” Kelley told me. “But here’s the deal: You’re at an awards show. Win or lose, nominated or not, we’re just thankful to be here. We just put a smile on our face, have a couple of drinks, bring our girls, have a good time and let what happens happen.”

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