Maren Morris Calls Out eBay Seller

“It Blows,” Singer Says of Profit-Seekers Exploiting Fans

If you are a fan of Maren Morris who has $100 to spend on an autographed guitar pickguard, you are not the problem. The problem is the guy who had that pickguard signed, then put it on eBay trying to make a profit.

And Morris is having none of it.

She took to Twitter recently to call the $100 pickguard guy out and explain her side of things.

“My guitar player is kind of a badass. He bid $5 on a pickguard I politely signed which the eBay guy marked up for $100, his profit,” Morris began.

“eBay guy: This isn't a charity. Ben: Neither is Maren Morris,” she added.

That particular pickguard might have sold -- or maybe the seller removed the listing after hearing from Morris -- but there is still plenty of authentic merchandise with her name on it that she wishes people weren’t profiting from.

“I will gladly take pictures and sign autographs, but it blows when people just use it for profit and they aren't even fans. But I laughed,” she wrote, then later responding to a follower saying that there's a difference between donating to a good cause and people taking advantage and pocketing the money from a highly inflated item.

She’s right about some of the sellers not being fans. Most of the Morris-autographed items for sale come from “in-person collectors." They're basically people who go to shows and events for the sole purpose of getting something signed.

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