Chris Janson's "Bye Mom" Heals Listeners After Suffering An Emotional Loss

The video allowed the performer's friend a unique way of healing after his mother's death

Chris Janson's friend Brandon losing his mom earlier in 2021 and not being able to travel to the funeral in Texas inspired country vocalist Chris Janson's single, "Bye Mom." Continuing in regards to its video, the Perryville, MO-born artist adds, "This shoot gave him a weird way of healing after loss. [Brandon] and his family did all of the acting. His wife plays his mom, and his kids play the younger versions of himself. It was really special to see."

Janson continues by digging deeper into the video's profoundly personal nature. "A lot of details in ‘Bye Mom’ are pulled directly from his life, like the Bryan Street Baptist Church. We wanted to do the same for the video. That old truck, for example, wasn’t just a prop. It was Brandon’s real truck, the one we sing about, from down in Texas," says Janson. "Even though a lot of the elements are specific to Brandon, the video really paints a visual of the times we all have spent with our moms. I think everyone will be able to recognize their own story."

The powerful messaging of the song and video deeply touched Janson, and he hopes to inspire others, too similarly. "I hope the message and emotions from the video bring back memories that everyone can identify with, even if they haven’t experienced death. Whether that’s growing up, moving away, or loving someone more than you love yourself. That love we share for our moms, our kids, our kids, our families. That’s what this song is really about."

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