When Brett Eldredge Found His Big Voice

Hated to Practice, Loved to Sing

When Brett Eldredge thinks about Christmases past, he always thinks about his very first solo.

“The year when I first started singing solos in the choir loft at my church, there was this magic moment when I found my big voice. I would just get out there and belt it out,” Eldredge told me about growing up singing in the tiny Grace Lutheran church in tiny Paris, Illinois.

“It was me and my grade school choir teacher, who was the organ player at church," he said. "I hated to practice, but I loved to sing. That made me fall in love with Christmas music. It was something deep down in my soul.”

Backstage at the CMA Country Christmas taping in November, Eldredge added that his whole family’s holiday tradition revolves around that very church. They go back every year and sing the same songs, the same carols and the same songs that are on his new album Glow.

When everybody held their candles, he would always see how close he could get his hand to the fire. “I still do that," he said. "I’m not going to lie.”

This Christmas, Eldredge's plans include hanging out with his “1,000 cousins,” going to his aunt’s house and eating the best cooking and drinking the best drinks.

“It’s the perfect way to end the year," he said.

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