Muddy Magnolias Bring Heart, Soul and Wisdom

Watch Duo's New Video for “Brother What Happened”

Texas-raised Kallie North and New York-born Jessy Wilson couldn’t come from more different musical backgrounds. They also couldn’t be more united in their purpose of making real, raw music that speaks to all people.

Combining soul, rock, blues, country and folk with a plethora of passion, Muddy Magnolias are a duo for all genres.

And their latest single “Brother What Happened” truly resonates as a song for all generations in these uncertain and trying days.

“What happened to this world? We just don’t love anymore.”

It’s a question we should be asking, a solution we should be seeking and a challenge to truly be the change we want to see in this world.

Muddy Magnolias’ debut album Broken People hits stores Oct. 14. Meanwhile, here's their new video for "Brother What Happened."

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