Chris Stapleton: "We Can Lift Each Other Up"

#RelationshipGoals From Country's Mr. and Mrs.

If you ever see Chris Stapleton in concert, you will get to see him sing with his wife Morgane. And it will either make you believe in the power of love wonder if trying to find that same kind of elusive bond is hopeless.

The New York Times interviewed the couple about their lives together on and off the stage, and they both say that they are always there for each other.

"We can lift each other up on bad nights, kind of give each other a wink when we screw up or do something funny," he said.

And she echoed that, telling the newspaper, "As much as I can talk about him being a comfort to me, I think in that way I also am a comfort to him. We can look at each other and know, 'OK, I got you.'"

Morgane also talked about how they first met.

In 2003, they got together to write a song. Around that same time, Morgane was also just a fan of his music. She would collect all the CDs of the songs he'd written and would take them home to study them and sing along.

"I was singing with Chris long before he knew I was singing with him," she said.

In 2006, Morgane was a co-writer on Carrie Underwood's No. 1 "Don't Forget to Remember Me." From there, she went on to write songs that were recorded by Trisha Yearwood, Alan Jackson, Kellie Picker, LeAnn Rimes and others.

Morgane also got a coveted record deal, although she said that her label was looking for the next Gretchen Wilson, and she wasn't it. She broke out in hives when she had to perform

"I used to be so afraid that I would have to take beta blockers so I wouldn't shake," she said. "I have an aversion to the spotlight. It's not for everybody."

And then in 2007, Chris and Morgane were married, and they've been sharing all kinds of stages ever since.

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