BuzzFeed Thinks It's Cool to Make Fun of Country

Let's Point and Laugh at What We Don't Understand

And so it continues -- once again some big city folks have decided it would be fun to make jokes about how backward and unimportant country music is.

BuzzFeed published "Country Music Explained by People Who've Never Heard It" Friday (Feb. 20) and trotted out all the old stereotypes and unimaginative dismissals you would expect and we've all heard before. The premise was that staff members would answer questions about country music based only on a photo, so you get "hilarious" answers like this:

On a photo of Little Big Town, they were asked "Who are these people?"

A: The Chippewa County Electric Jamboree & Traveling Medicine Hour

Or on a photo of the Grand Ole Opry, they were asked "Why do people care so much about the Grand Ole Opry?"

A: They let horses just run around in there.

Or on a photo of Florida Georgia Line after being told one member is from Florida and one is from Georgia, they responded with "Probably pretty mindblowing for their audiences!"

How clever!

I know it's a just silly article, but for folks who want to seem more open-minded and culturally superior to us country bumpkins, this pretty much shows how tasteless people can be, regardless of their lifestyle.

But at least they learned Luke Bryan outsells Beyonce. That surprised me, too.

End rant.

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