Carrie Underwood's Mom Throws Back to 2005

On Dreading Tuesdays and Hating Wednesdays

Carole Underwood remembers her daughter's American Idol quest very clearly. The good, the bad, and the abrasive.

Carrie and Carole Underwood had come up with a plan B, in case her potential singing career didn't become a reality. "We decided that, you know if nothing happens, where your singing is concerned, by the time you graduate from college then you can get a real job," Carole recalled in an interview with a Tulsa news station.

Once that plan was in place, though, and Carrie was one semester away from graduating from Northeastern State University, she convinced her mom to drive her 400 miles to St. Louis for the American Idol auditions. "When it came her time to step up there she said, 'I'm not gonna sing that song. I'm gonna sing a country music song,'" Carole said. "I think (Carrie) was nervous because it was just completely out of whatever she had been used to."

Carole remembers Idol judge Simon Cowell and his abrasive personality. "(You'd) always wonder, 'Ohhh what's he gonna say about my kid tonight,'" she said. "I learned to dread Tuesdays and hate Wednesdays because Tuesdays were the performance nights and Wednesdays were the vote off nights."

Obviously, it turned out even better than they'd planned, when Carrie was crowned the winner in 2005.

"It was amazing the night that (Carrie) won, absolutely amazing," she said, "and then it was kind of like, 'Now what?' They had everything laid in place to say this is what you gotta do next and this is what you gotta do next."

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