Tim McGraw: Now Starring in Big & Rich Video

Singer Serves Drinks and Wisdom in "Lovin' Lately"

I’ve seen Tim McGraw in music videos. And I’ve seen Tim McGraw in movies. But this? This is like some kind of worlds colliding -- in the best way.

McGraw has a crucial bartending role in the new Big & Rich video, ”Lovin’ Lately.” It’s part two of their four-part The Gravity Quadrilogy video.

McGraw co-wrote the song with Big Kenny and John Rich, and Trey Fanjoy directed the video, plus the other three videos ("Look at You," "Brand New Buzz" and "Gravity") that make up the 20-minute mini love story.

Fanjoy told that this four-in-one undertaking required her to take the four songs, “and weave a narrative thread that would somehow connect them all together in a way that made sense.”

But each song/chapter also had to stand alone.

So in this one, Fanjoy said the Big & Rich live performance scenes were shot in Las Vegas, and the McGraw scenes were shot near Nashville in Dickson, Tennessee.

“He plays the owner of the bar and offers some wise words of advice to Carter, the young man who has recently experienced his first heartbreak,” Fanjoy told me. "I loved working with Tim. He's a total pro and a natural. It's understandable why he is a much-sought-after actor for features. He brings such authenticity and laid-back charisma to every role.”

While you can hear the Big & Rich song, what also comes through loud and clear is McGraw’s been-there-done-that talk with Carter.

“I’ve made so many mistakes in my past, I've spent most of my life wishing my knees bent the other way so I could kick my own ass,” McGraw says. “Mistakes, man, they’re just another word for experience. When you get the real thing, you’ll know it.”

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