Kelsea Ballerini Talks Reese Witherspoon: "We've Become Really Lovely Friends."

Kelsea Ballerini gushes over doppelgänger Reese Witherspoon and “Captain America” actor Anthony Mackie.

Place a photo of country music hitmaker Kelsea Ballerini and award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon side-by-side. Their similar characteristics might just make you do a double-take.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE TV, the "Homecoming Queen" singer revealed the first time she crossed paths with Witherspoon and how their twin-like resemblance sparked a reliable relationship.

"We met several years ago at the Christmas tree lighting at the White House," Ballerini told the outlet. "We were backstage, and I just said, 'You know, people say I look like you, and I'm obsessed with you.'"

Since that day, the multi-platinum artist confirmed that the relationship with the Hollywood star blossomed, and they quickly became "really lovely friends." Ballerini did not fail to point out Witherspoon's inspiring personality and the dynamic of their tight-knit friendship.

"I'm able to call her if I have a question or need some encouragement or advice. She's a true girls' girl," she said.

Ballerini has expressed her love for Witherspoon time and time again. In fact, she invited the actress-turned bookworm over to her Nashville home back in November of 2021 to discuss her debut poetry collection, "Feel Your Way Through."

"My incredible friend ( and sister in another life) Reese Witherspoon came over to talk all things 'Feel Your Way Through.' We cover body image, female support systems, and getting to know ourselves as we grow up," Ballerini shared on YouTube. "I love this woman and am so thankful for her wisdom and willingness to share a little glimpse into our heart-to-heart girl talk."

During the warm conversation about Ballerini's best-selling book of poetry, Witherspoon mentioned that she highlighted a stanza in one of the sonnets that resonated with her the most.

"One of the first things that struck me when I read one of your poems was about that you are an 'old soul,'" she disclosed with the marked-up book in hand. "Because that is how I feel about you. I always frequently leave hanging out with you, and I think 'this woman is an old soul,'" she added while laughing.

While the two have formed a loyal connection, Ballerini still has a fan-girl moment once in a while.The hitmaker previously took to TikTok dressed in all pink to pay homage to Witherspoon's legendary character Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde."

"I think I dropped something on the floor that I need to pick up! So you, bend and snap!" the singer-songwriter said in the short clip highlighting a fan-favorite scene from the iconic film.

Reese Witherspoon is not the only big-screen A-lister the country star tends to rub elbows with, as she told PEOPLE TV that she ran in the same circle as her upcoming CMT Music Awards co-host Anthony Mackie.

"I love the CMT Awards," she said full of excitement. "They're the only country show that's fan-voted. I'm co-hosting again with Anthony Mackie this year, who I met last year. He was just fantastic, warm, and lovely," she concluded.

The powerhouse vocalist will be taking center stage alongside the "Captain America" actor on Monday, April 11, on CBS.

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