Mickey Guyton Teams With Tyler Hubbard, Talks New Music, Mother's Day and More Babies

Mickey Guyton: "I want him to have a sibling. With bullying and stuff like that, I want him to have somebody that will always be his friend, even if they drive each other crazy."

In the last year, Mickey Guyton says she feels like she's gone from having to climb Mount Everest every day to being able to coast a bit. And that's just in her career. She's also a new mom to son Grayson, 1, so the balancing act is taking a toll.

"It's the weirdest thing," she said. "I was just in Nashville for nine days working, then I come home, and I'm like, mom, and I'm working. I'm just really busy. I lost my phone last night, somewhere in my apartment. I couldn't find my charger cable. I'm literally barely hanging on, to be honest."

But she's not complaining; she's making time to give back. Guyton teamed with 3M to help them spread the word about their commitment to improving school zones. Nashville's Robert Churchwell Elementary is the first one of 100 schools to receive the upgrade of high-performance reflective materials such as signage and road markings. She knows Grayson will be in school soon, and she wants him and the other children to be as safe as possible.

In fact, she says she's ready for another baby.

"I want him to have a sibling," Guyton says. "With bullying and stuff like that, I want him to have somebody that will always be his friend, even if they drive each other crazy."

She's looking forward to spending Mother's Day on Sunday with her husband and son and said she gave him some easy suggestions on ways to spoil her on the holiday.

"When I told my husband Mother's Day is coming up, his eyes got really big," she says. "I told him like watercolor painting or to take me on a picnic. I just want them to want to spend time with me. I don't need anything else, maybe some flowers."

Guyton admits that Mother's Day can be a "cash cow" for many big corporations, but when it comes to mamas, Mother's Day is significant.

"I saw this quote where it says, 'Remember when a child is born, a mother is born, too,'" she says. "It's true. It's so crazy how you changed in that instant. The moment you found out you were pregnant, you changed. The moment you find out the gender of the baby, you changed. It gets so real. It's something I never understood. And now I know why my mom is so crazy over all of us. It's the most emotional, traumatic, amazing, beautiful thing I think anybody could go through."

When she's not with her family, the multiple Grammy nominee is working on a new album with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard. She couldn't be more excited, and no one is more surprised than she is.

"We developed a really great working relationship," she says. "I never in a million years … and I must admit, I definitely did misjudge him. I will take ownership of that. I see this guy, this like king of bro-country and I judged him off of that. And when I met him, he and his wife are like humanitarian, kind, loving, family people. I've completely fallen in love with them and their kids. They are just such amazing humans."

Guyton says her first album, "Remember Her Name," turned into "something that needed to be said," but says the next one will be different.

"Now, here this music is about love and enlightenment, which is so important," she says. "I can't wait for everyone to hear it."

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