Celebration is Big & Rich's Main Motivation on New Album

Release Sixth Album 'Did It for the Party'

Big & Rich's Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich have always delivered albums that offer a healthy balance of good-time party music with songs that bare their souls.

When asked what their No. 1 goal was when making their latest release Did It for the Party, Alphin had one word to say: "Hits!"

"We definitely touch on things that are serious moments in people's lives with songs like 'Holy Water' and '8th of November,'" Alphin told CMT.com. "But it's always been a big mission of ours to make music that is a celebration."

There is no shortage of celebratory anthems on Did It for the Party. The title song is all about having fun with friends. The party soundtrack continues with the hard rocker "We Came to Rawk," the groovy "Funk in the Country" and "Congratulations (You're a Rockstar)."

Then there are the songs that sing of the importance of family and chasing dreams. The Isaacs guest on "My Son," which was inspired by Rich's love for his children, Cash and Colt Rich. "Freedom Road," co-written with Phil Vassar, is about leaving a small town for a bigger life somewhere else. The main character in the lead single "California" breaks up with a boyfriend to pursue her dreams in the Golden State.

California by Big & Rich on VEVO.

"All these people in Nashville left somewhere to go chase something down and it's interesting to think about the people that get left behind," Rich says. "You don't even know if it's going to work or not, but you admire them for doing it. But it hurts some feelings when you do that. I thought it was interesting because it's almost a breakup song but it's delivered in a different kind of way."

Big & Rich is on tour through December. Its next shows are Sept. 15 and 16 in Albuquerque and Colorado Springs, Colorado, respectively

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