Seven Things Luke Bryan Taught Us About Spring Break

Seven Years on the Beach Make Him a Doctor of Good Times

After seven years of hosting the hottest spring break in country music, Luke Bryan is hanging up his flip flops after Wednesday and Thursday's (March 11-12) shows in Panama City Beach, Florida.

There have been some wild times over the years, here are seven things we learned from Bryan on those white sandy beaches.

1. You’re gonna get turn’t up, no question about it.

2. On spring break you get beer muscles.

3. There should be a master’s degree in beach beer bonging.

4. Sometimes spring break love lasts a lifetime, sometimes just a night.

5. Don’t be a buzzkill, use this drinking equation:

Fun Times = I'll Have Another + Make It a Double

6. You'll do things like you ain't ever before.

7. Basically, college and spring break is the best damn time of your life.

Learn more about Luke Bryan's final spring break.

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