All the Feels Behind that Taylor Swift and Keith Urban Exchange

Exactly How We Know How Genuine These Tweets Are

People tend to throw the word "genuine" around a lot lately. Especially when they're describing a celebrity. But sometimes, the genuine you hear about might not actually be very genuine.

That said, the tweets between Taylor Swift and Keith Urban yesterday? I can verify that both of them were the very definition of genuine.

How can I draw such a definitive conclusion? Let's look at the tweets and analyze their words.

First, on Saturday morning (Aug. 17), Urban posted his heartfelt, personal feelings about her new song "Lover." "Huge shoutout today to @taylorswift13 on the SUPERB new single LOVER. When a song so exquisitely written becomes a record so gorgeously crafted I feel such a deep sense of gratitude for the “art” of making music," Urban wrote, signing off with his personal KU.

You can just tell that that was not a statement issued by a publicist. Those rarely say things like "exquisitely written" and "gorgeously crafted." This was more a matter of Urban being literally so moved by a song that he had to preach that good news to the world.

Then, Swift responded.In effusive all caps. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE NICEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SAID," which sounds 100 percent her. "You’re just the best and so kind to say this." She followed up the tweet with an emotional menagerie of emojis full of tears, hearts, prayers, and a cat.

What's more, now that Swift has moved out of the country genre, the two of them have no vested interest in each other other than a purely artistic one. They aren't currently on tour together. They aren't record label mates. This exchange was simply one of respect and mutual adoration.

And the world could use a lot more of that these days. So let's continue to shine a light on all the cross-genre appreciation we can find.

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