Zach Bryan Releases Track “Summertime Blues” And Teases Upcoming EP

Zach Bryan is set to drop an eight-song EP on July 15 and teases an “Armed Forces Medley” collection.

Fast-rising artist Zach Bryan has new music on the horizon.

On the heels of his 34-song label debut record “American Heartbreak,” the Nashville newcomer confirmed that his new EP would arrive on July 15. Bryan took to Twitter to share that the upcoming project will include eight songs and to tease the title track, “Summertime Blues.”

The retro-like clip captures the true essence of summer and what makes the season carefree, yet beautiful. The short video begins with Bryan picking at his acoustic guitar, with an American flag waving high in the background before a festival. While showcasing his soothing sound, he touches upon a common thread many individuals struggle with while the warmer months pass by – sadness.

Bryan uses imagery to push his narrative along and to paint a picture for listeners. Fans worldwide are destined to resonate with the storyline, as he describes summer from different perspectives. For instance – a beach bum in Monterey, California to a hardworking man in Oklahoma.

“Hilton Head and the Hamptons, where the rich all go to die | The young kids all get high | Just to pass time | I bought a bottle of the best bourbon, a beat down boy could buy | I’m gonna bury all my sorrow | As the summertime passes by | My summertime blues, summertime blues,” he sings with ease. “I’ve got nothing left to prove | I’m out of touch and out of tune |Singing alone.”

As each razor-sharp word cuts deeper – he shares footage from recent performances, recording sessions, and sweet summer memories. While “Summertime Blues” receive positive praise, many fans were left wondering how he tends to turn tracks around quickly and his secret to songwriting.

“My entire life I have written in a journal twice a day. I write letters, poems, on post cards, anywhere,” he told a curious Twitter user. “Writing isn’t a task for me, it’s what makes me happy. I’m blessed enough that people enjoy my stuff, so I can do it all the time. I don’t take that for granted.”

The forthcoming project will also include the melancholy melody “Twenty So” and “Small Town Smokeshow,” a “Romeo And Juliet” inspired tale. Following the highly anticipated release on Friday, July 15 – the military veteran revealed that he will be dropping an “Armed Forces Medley.”

“I’ve been working on two project, one I’m gonna call Summertime Blues, and one’s going to be an Armed Forces Medley for all the men and women serving this country,” he explained. “Two EP’s that’ll be a blast for me to make, and I’m so damn excited to finish writing them.”

Bryan continued to mention that the patriotic project has challenged him as a songwriter and has been in the works for quite some time.

“Took me a hell of a lot longer to write some veteran songs than anticipated, because of how fragile of a subject it is to so many people,” said the breakout star. “Getting out of the navy was a bittersweet ordeal for me, and I’m coming to grips with it as of lately,” he added.

Bryan was an active-duty member in the US Navy, when he accidentally fell into the country music genre. The breakout star filmed himself singing “Heading South” on a phone outside his Navy quarters overseas.

The acoustic original that displays his soulful pipes went viral on social media. Bryan was only 17-years-old when he first joined the Navy, as he followed in his family’s footsteps. His late mother, father, and grandfather all served in the Navy. After eight years of service, the fast-rising artist was honorably discharged to pursue music full-time.

The Oklahoma native’s impressive knack for songwriting and edgy sound quickly made him a country music mainstay. Bryan’s debut album “American Heartbreak,” became the most-streamed single-day country release in 2022 on Apply Music and Spotify. The chart-topping artist is now sharing music from his well-rounded repertoire and new music out on tour. Tickets to see the promising performer live are currently available for purchase, here.

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