CMT Premiere: The War And Treaty Felt Like "Falling In Love All Over Again" When They Saw Their Video For "Have You A Heart"

The husband and wife duo Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter will release their debut album, “Lover’s Game,” on Friday.

Husband and wife duo Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter comprise duo The War and Treaty. They  say they fell in love all over again when they watched the new video for their song “Have You A Heart.”

The couple wrote the song together. Dave Cobb produced it, as he did the rest of their new album “Lover’s Game” that will be out Friday, and Stevie Rees produced and directed the video.

“The video captures the love that we have for one another as well as the love we have for creating the album,” the couple said. “Our intention with the song and video is simply to move the hearts of everyone who sees it.”

Michael said their favorite part of filming the video was walking through Savannah, Georgia, enjoying the park and “taking in the beauty of such a beautiful spot.”

They also loved watching Cobb at home in the area.

“Dave Cobb's joy for being at home gave us the warm and fuzzies that we needed to record this album,” they said.

The War And Treaty are known for having some of the most powerful voices in country music. Fans of the genre will get to know them even better when their debut album “Lover’s Game,” comes out on Friday. Cobb helped them craft a project that shares their take on the shift of cultural tides while also examining a mature relationship.

“There’s a lot of love,” Tanya promised of the album.

“There’s a lot of singing, a lot of vocals, and a lot of honesty,” Michael added.

Michael co-wrote most of the songs on the project. The couple co-wrote some songs together, and Michael teamed with popular singer/songwriter Dave Barnes to create one of the tracks on the record. Tanya said the collaboration was the couple’s first time “going outside of” their creative process.

“He’s amazing,” Tanya said. “He’s brilliant, and he’s crazy.

Michael added good-naturedly: “He’s insane. There’s something wrong with him.”

In addition to the new album, they are also embarking on a headlining tour in March before touring with other artists later in the year.

“There is no greater or higher calling in life than to be conduits of love, and that’s exactly what LOVER’S GAME is to us,” Tanya said. “From the opening guitar riff to the last piano note on this is the intention and love is the subject that can’t be ignored. We’ve been through every facet of it together and we could not be more excited to share another layer of our story.”

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