CMT PREMIERE: Joe Nichols' "Home Run" Underscores The Power Of The Word “Home”

"I’m the luckiest guy I know, and this video is proof," says the veteran vocalist

"Life's been coming at me like a fastball / Been in the weeds, be nice to see some corn growing tall / Need to trade some hurry up, for some hey y'all / Oh and I can't hug my momma through these phone calls," sings veteran country star Joe Nichols on his latest single, "Home Run." "I think it’s the song that wouldn’t have resonated a year-and-a-half ago, versus right now," Nichols told Taste of Country in June 2021. "I think right now everybody feels like, 'Let’s get back to something real here.'"

"I’m the luckiest guy I know, and this video is proof," says the lifelong fan of Major League Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals about the baseball-themed clip. "I was touched by how accurately [the video's director] David ["Doc" Abbott] captured how I am with my family at home," he continued. Moreover, Nichols adds, "'Home Run' is the first video I got to shoot with my family. It felt so good to see them enjoy some camera time and shine on screen like they do in real life. It was a special day having my mom, my sister, Heather, and my two youngest babies on set."

Regarding his familial ties, the artist reported to be releasing Good Day For Living -- his tenth studio album -- in February 2022, notes that the track's title is particularly poignant because, as he says, "when my world starts spinning too fast, I count on my family to be the 'home' that I run to because I’m feeling out of sync or out of touch."

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