Lainey Wilson And HARDY Team Up For Live Debut of "Wait In The Truck" At Seven Peaks Festival

Lainey Wilson and HARDY deliver a chill-provoking performance of "Wait in the Truck" – WATCH!

HARDY and Lainey Wilson appeared at Dierks Bentley's Seven Peaks Music Festival on Saturday (Sept. 3) to perform their gut-wrenching collaboration "Wait in the Truck" for the first time live. 

The two breakout stars took the spotlight in costumes that resemble their characters in the Justin Clough-directed music video. HARDY sported a shocking orange prison jumpsuit, while Wilson wore a white tank top, auburn red wig, and her signature bell-bottom jeans. 

Together they delivered a bone-chilling performance of "Wait in the Truck," a ballad that touches upon domestic violence. 

 The powerful single delivers a narrative about a man [HARDY] willing to protect an emotionally and physically abused woman [Wilson] at all costs. Despite their nonexistent relationship, the man murders the ex-lover to get justice for the resilient female. 

"I don't know if he's an angel | 'Cause angels don't do what he did |  He was hellbent to find the man behind |  All the whiskey scars I hid |  I never thought my day of justice |  Would come from a judge under a seat |  But I knew right then I'd never get hit again |  When he said to me | 'Wait in the truck Just wait in the truck,'" Wilson delivered with emotion in her voice. 

The breakout stars fed off each other's energy as they conveyed the twisted tale. HARDY played the murderer, who is sentenced to life in prison for his impulsive actions. The once troubled woman visits her "angel" locked a way to express her gratitude.

"It's been 60 months and she still comes | To see me from time to time | It was worth the price, to see a brighter side | Of the girl I picked up that night |  And I might be here forever | It ain't paradise, that's true |  But it's whole hell of a lot better | Than the place I sent him to, yeah," sings HARDY with confidence. 

HARDY penned the haunting single alongside Jordan Schmidt, Hunter Phelps, and Renee Blair. The emotional duet received national praise upon release and became the most-added song at country radio. 57 stations included the eye-opening single to their daily rotation. 

The Songwriter of the Year believes "Wait in the Truck" is the best song he has ever created. 

"'Wait in the Truck,' my next single, is one of my favorite songs I've ever written - probably the best song I've ever written to be honest," said HARDY in a statement. "It hit me so hard the first time I heard the demo back, and no other song had done that before. Excited for the song to give people a platform to maybe speak out about stuff that might be going on in their own homes. Thank you to Lainey Wilson for doing this song with me - she crushed it." 

Wilson continued to acknowledge the impactful storyline. 

"I always love working with HARDY, but this track is extra special," said Wilson. "I am so proud to be part of 'Wait in the Truck' because it's such a powerful song and story, and I really do think it will change lives."

On the heels of "Wait in the Truck," HARDY announced his first headlining run, Wall to Wall Tour. The savvy songwriter turned high-energy performer will embark on his nationwide run on December 1 in Athens, Georgia with Jackson Dean. Lainey will join country sensation Luke Combs on The Middle Of Somewhere Tour

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