CMT Premiere: SACHA Reveals Vulnerable Video for "Pretty Please" That Makes Her Emotional

SACHA hopes the video helps viewers find confidence in themselves and their dreams.

SACHA is breaking hearts, including her own, with her new video for "Pretty Please," which debuted on CMT today.

"This would be the first time I had to fight back tears on a set," SACHA said. "I couldn't help but get choked up every time I saw the girl who epitomized the 'younger Sacha' and how impacted I was by the choreography and narration of the song and its message through the art of dance."

Written by Claire Douglas, Madison Kozak and Joseph Patton, "Pretty Please" features a classic turn of phrase while the singer gains self-confidence throughout the song.

Lyrics include: I'm pretty strong and I'm pretty sweet| I'm pretty smart when I wanna be|The stupid mirror keeps remindin' me|Oh, I just wanna be pretty, please

"The video really brings this song to life through the reflection of a young girl's journey to confidence as she navigates through her emotions and experiences that shape the way she sees herself," SACHA said.

The singer's lilting voice wraps around the emotional, vulnerable lyrics as the song builds to its final chorus:

I'm pretty strong and I'm pretty sweet| I'm pretty smart but that ain't what makes me me| Oh, those stupid billboards and magazines| Don't let yourself believe| You're not pretty, please

"When I first saw the video, I was quite emotional," she explained of the clip produced and directed by Ben Knechtel. "This song and video opens up the door to more of the vulnerable pages of my story. I couldn't help but feel like I was talking to my younger self throughout the filming of this video and even more so upon viewing the final outcome."

SACHA said she hopes viewers will watch the video and understand they're not alone in their challenges to find confidence in themselves and their dreams.

"I hope that anyone who feels like they are not measuring up, or trying to keep up with today's impossible standard of what is perceived as beauty and worthiness, can see that their value goes way beyond the reflection of a mirror," she said. "I hope this also encourages fans to no longer allow other variable and superficial factors to determine their worth."

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