Jamie Lynn Spears on the Britney Possibilities

When the younger Spears sister sings on her older sibling's album, you have to wonder about the possibilities for another duet. Right?

So I had to ask. I had the chance to sit down with Jamie Lynn Spears when she was in Chicago, and we talked about her collaboration with her big sister on "Chillin' With You," a track from Britney Spears' latest album, Britney Jean.

With the younger Spears still in the studio working on her debut country album, I wanted to know if she'd have Britney share vocals on one of her songs.

"I would never say never," she told me, "but right now I'm just focusing on the songs I already have. If something made sense, I would, of course, love to collaborate with my sister."

Then again, she knows the timing would have to make sense for both singers.

"We're not really a family who plans stuff out. One day, if she's there and wants to sing, she'll sing," Spears said. "With her song, it was just really organic because I was at the studio, and we just got in there and did it."

The older Spears had her taste of fame long before her younger sister got her own taste of it when she played Zoey in Nickelodeon's Zoey 101. It was 1998 when Britney's debut pop single "Baby One More Time" was released, and its massive popularity made her a household name.

"When that happened, I think I was about 7," she recalled. "And it wasn't like a movie where you wake up one day and suddenly there are a hundred reporters on your front lawn."

"Britney had been working on music since I could remember. This was just what she did. But when I heard her on the radio, I didn't understand," Spears said. "My friends were like. 'Your sister's a singer.' And I was like, 'What do you mean a singer? Like a Mariah Carey singer?' That's how -- in my 7-year old brain -- I related to what my sister was doing. At that time, I didn't even know of any singers' names, so I don't know why I knew about Mariah Carey. I was so little."

Spears told me growing up as the baby in the family meant that she got rides from her mom, her dad, her sister and her brother. And they all liked to listen to different music on those car rides. So that exposed her to a variety of music.

Then when her big sister became famous and started having photographers come to the house and flying all over to promote the pop hit, Spears remembers it as a good thing.

"Even as a young child, I knew it was good to see Britney being recognized for the hard work she'd put in since she was literally 4 years old. More than anything, I saw that," she said. "I don't remember it any other way, mostly because I was very shielded from any of the negative parts."

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