LISTEN: Old Dominion And Kenny Chesney Release Uplifting Drinking Song “Beer With My Friends”

Kenny Chesney: “I wanted to give everyone something to remember it by, a song that we can all sing wherever we are – and know there’s nothing like these moments we’ve shared.”

Kenny Chesney’s Here And Now 2022 Tour is quickly coming to an end, but he is leaving No Shoes Nation with a new single that embodies the jammed-packed summer. The country sensation joined forces with his openers Old Dominion for a feel-good anthem titled , “Beer With My Friends.”

The collaboration does not come as a surprise, as Chesney teased (Aug. 25) the secret project on social media ahead of the launch.

“Before the #HereAndNowTour is over, we wanted to give everyone something to remember it by,” wrote Chesney alongside a black-and-white photo. “#BeersWithMyFriends is a song that we can all sing wherever we are & know there’s nothing like these moments we’ve shared.”

The highly anticipated drinking song is out today (Aug. 26), one day before Chesney wraps up his record-shattering run in Foxborough, Massachusetts, with openers Old Dominion, Dan + Shay, and Carly Pearce. The multi-platinum artist said that the collaboration was a no-brainer, as their tight-knit friendship has blossomed and the chemistry on stage was too contagious to overlook.

“There are people you meet and just click,” said Chesney about the five-piece band in a statement. “Matt (Ramsey) and Brad (Tursi) have been singing ‘Save It for a Rainy Day’ with me on all these tours, and that’s always – every single night – one of the highlights of the show for me. You can feel the energy, so I started thinking we better catch that while we can.”

Beer With My Friends” is a laid-back jam with a sing-along-worthy chorus. The blue-collar anthem is a whistling while you work-type tune, that is harmony-stacked and infused with electric guitar licks and heart-thumping percussion.

The uplifting song was penned by some of the best songwriters in the genre – David Lee Murphy, Shy Carter, and Bryan Simpson. Together they captured the blissful feeling of meeting friends at a happy hour after a long day.

“Sometimes I need to slip away and get a different view | There’s really something to that honky tonk attitude | It pulls me out of that everyday sinking sand,” sings Chesney. “After I work my poor fingers down to the bone | Last thing I wanna do is go home and drink alone,” adds Ramsey before the explosive chorus that praises crisp cocktails and companionship.

Chesney pointed out that the easy-going lyrics with the meaningful message perfectly emulate the summer he had with Old Dominion out on the road.

“We’ve all been there,” shared Chesney. “It doesn’t matter if it’s four years or yesterday, there’s nothing like hitting that local bar with your friends. That’s what this whole tour has felt like – every city, every face, every song – as we’ve taken it back out to No Shoes Nation. It’s so much more than a show or a concert, it’s really letting go – and I wanted to capture that in a song. ‘Beer With My Friends’ is all of it.”

Old Dominion, comprised of Matthew Ramsey [lead vocals], Trevor Rosen [guitar], Whit Sellers [drums], Geoff Sprung [bass guitar], and Brad Tursi [guitar], recently spoke out about their collaboration by sharing footage from a recent pop-up show featuring Chesney. Although the boisterous audience did not receive a preview of the potential smash hit, they revealed a lively rendition of “Save It For A Rainy Day” from Chesney’s 2014 record, “The Big Revival.”

Old Dominion and Chesney will debut “Beer With My Friends” live at Gillette Stadium. The taste of summer single is now available to stream.

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