PREMIERE: Steven Nix's 'God Knew' Is A Heartfelt Country Ode To Love

Veteran Nashville singer-songwriter's latest "depicts both loves gained and lost."

Veteran Nashville singer-songwriter Steven Nix's latest single, "God Knew," focuses on what many consider the heaven-sent nature of true love. The guitarist's credits include work with Lauren Alaina, Kelsea Ballerini, Mickey Guyton, and more. However, stepping out on his own, the earnestness of a project that Nix tells CMT "meant a lot to [him]" shines through.

Regarding the message he hopes is conveyed by the video for his latest song, Nix says, "It depicts both loves gained and lost while telling my story at the same time. Honestly...everyone needs someone to get them back on track at some point." Moreover, the song's personal nature resonated with the vocalist during a shoot he describes as "memorable," as he was able to shoot the video on his mother and father's land.

Seven years into his professional career, the inspiration for the Mississippi-born performer's musical exploits deepen the meaning behind this song in particular. "Growing up, I had a hard time speaking due to a speech impediment, so music was how I got my words out. I’ve been in love with it ever since. I am chasing my dreams, even if they break my heart."

"I needed to release this song for myself, so seeing the video as the final step being completed felt good," Nix continues concerning his latest. Having been in Nashville since his senior year of high school, Nix's ability to maintain a hardworking attitude about his creative craft is heartening. Building his success with his own handiwork. he's reached a place where he's showcasing consistency and growth that offers the potential for solo acclaim.

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