Blake Shelton Shows Pharrell Williams Around 'The Voice'

No matter how sweet Blake Shelton seems, he is, at his very core, a competitive guy.

I know that because I watch The Voice. But after seeing Shelton give one of the show's new judges a tour of the set, you can just hear it in the way he talks about the upcoming season.

"This is where it all happens," Shelton tells Pharrell Williams of the chairs in front of the stage. "This is where you're going to lose season seven of The Voice."

But before that, Shelton does give Williams a quick tour of the essentials backstage. "This guy's the guy who makes sure there are batteries for things that they go to. He's the guy you come to and get those from," Shelton says.

Then, "If you're ever feeling like something's not right, it could be because you're hungry. And then there's food over here for that."

Shelton also shows him some trash cans. "If you ever need to spit your gum out, there are trash cans right in this area."

So they cover all the essentials -- batteries, food and trash -- and Williams remarks that the whole set seems very user-friendly. And Shelton takes credit for that.

"This is where the gears are turning back here. After six seasons, I pretty much get what's going on. I mean, all the inner workings of the show," Shelton says before ending up by the stage.

"This right here is the stage, Pharrell. This is where people audition and they sing. I'm sure you've seen that before, now that I think about it.

"But here's the most important thing. This, Pharrell, this is gonna be your home -- brand new 2014 model. All leather seats. This button's used. But the seat's all new. Still has that new chair smell."

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