'Redneck Island: Tuff Luck' - What You Didn't See

Genuine Terror

Just when you think things in the Redneck Island house might settle down, everything changes.

This week’s challenge was all about strength and strategy, but somehow the strongest team (physically) in the house, Josh and Tuff, ended up losing. Strategically, the smartest move for winning team Bo and Jorden was to throw Riley and Becky in to The Pit as well, guaranteeing that one of the top dogs, Riley or Josh, would be sent home. But once Cowboy opened his big mouth, strategy went out the window.

In the end, Margaret shocked the house (and the film crew!) by channeling her inner Kobe and defeating Tuff. Josh swiftly defeated Cowboy, and a new power team was formed. Josh and Margaret dated in the past, so seeing them work as a team will be interesting.

Thursday’s episode was action packed, so naturally there were a few things that didn’t make the final cut of the episode. Let’s take a look:

Genuinely Terrified

Margaret knew she was heading in to The Pit, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t still freaking out about it.


Bo knew that Riley and Becky were the smarter option, but Jorden had other ideas.

Drunk Blocks

We got to see a little bit of the gang playing “drunk blocks” on Thursday, but apparently a whole lot more went down.

Tuff’s Farewell

Fan-favorite Tuff had lots to say in her final Redneck Island moments.

The Cowboy Rides Away (Again)

Despite his altercations with some (all) of his housemates, Cowboy knows they’ll all be friends in the end.

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