Recap: 'Party Down South': Down This Road Before


This episode starts off on a positive note: Howie, Tiffany’s dad, is doing better, and Tiffany is coming back to the house!

Once the house finds out, they decide to go out to the bars to celebrate. However, Mattie can’t because her teeth still hurt. No worries though, a good night’s rest is probably good for her.

Later at the bar, Walt asks Hott Dogg to dance and they end up cutting a rug. This makes Daddy jealous, so he finds the first girl and takes her out on the dance floor to compete in a friendly competition. This makes Hott Dogg so excited – she takes Daddy’s hand and hails a taxi back home to spend some quality time together.

The next day, Daddy thinks hard about whatever they have going on.

“This is a friends-with benefits-situation. There ain't no way I’m getting hitched any time soon,” says Daddy

Hott Dogg takes time to think about it too and seeks some advice from Tiffany. She tells her to talk to him when they are both sober.

“Hott Dogg might actually be falling in love,” confesses Tiffany.

Later that night at the bar, Hott Dogg takes him aside and asks what will happen after the vacation is over. Daddy says he’ll call her and visit her like everyone else in the house.

“You may piss your pants, you may drink beer, you may be so disgusting. But, when I think about it, I think you’re disgusting but then the other part of me thinks you’re really not that disgusting,” explains Hott Dogg.

“So, you do like me?,” asks Daddy.

“Yes, I do like you,” says Hott Dogg.

“But let me tell you something. You gotta understand… I don’t wanna get in another relationship.” explains Daddy. “You know what. Me and you are gonna be good buddies…I’m not the dude you wanna date,” explains Daddy.

That’s not what any girl wants to hear. Hott Dogg is devastated but keeps her head held high. Surprisingly in the cab ride home, Daddy tells Hott Dogg he’ll buy her a plane ticket to visit him in Orange Beach. Whoa. The guys didn’t see that one coming from their previous conversation with Daddy in the car. What is he thinking?

Lyle says, “This dude’s going to marry Hott Dogg.”

Mattie overhears Lyle explaining the conversation to the guys and she gets super mad. She doesn’t like that Daddy says one thing to Hott Dogg and then another to the guys.

After a huge fight breaks out about the romance in the house, Walt and Tiffany have an idea to get everyone’s mind off things: Mudfest.

“Mudfest is redneck Disneyworld,” says Murray.

They pack their bags and head to Mudfest. Think this trip will help Hott Dogg and Daddy cool off? Watch the full episode for more.

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