Cox Family Update

Willard Cox, fiddler for Grammy-winning group The Cox Family, and his wife, Marie, have been moved to Willis Knighton Rehabilitation Hospital in Shreveport, La., their daughter, Evelyn Cox, told The couple is recovering from a serious car crash they were in three weeks ago on a highway near Cotton Valley, La. (45 miles northeast of Shreveport). An empty log truck slammed into the back of their car as they were attempting to make a turn. Marie is nursing a broken arm, collarbone, back and neck. She has been able to walk since the accident. Willard broke a vertebrae in his back and is paralyzed from the naval down. He underwent spinal surgery July 22 so doctors could insert metal pins. "There is a 90 percent chance he could remain that way, but the fight isn't over yet," Evelyn said. "We refuse to accept it yet." Evelyn added that the family has appreciated all the cards, flowers and well wishes. "It's wonderful to know that you have so many people who care." The Cox Family -- which includes Willard and children Evelyn, Sidney and Suzanne -- recently recorded two songs for the upcoming Coen Brothers film, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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