Chris Stapleton Brings Actor Chris Pratt to Tears

Delivery of Cassette Tape and Walkman Was Totally Unsolicited

Actor Chris Pratt is a country music fan. That much, we knew, given his recent reaction to Tim McGraw.

But he took to Instagram this week to share with his fans how much it means to him to have a few country artists love him right back.

Like Chris Stapleton, who had sent a gift to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 actor. And Pratt quickly made a video to show it off.

"Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a giant country music fan, and happen to be a big fan of Chris Stapleton," Pratt says. And since Stapleton caught wind of that, because Pratt has mentioned it in interviews, he made him a little something.

"Guess what. He just sent me my own personalized Chris Stapleton mix tape. Oh snap. That is just one of the many wonderful blessings that have come my way, man," Pratt says as he starts to cry honest-to-God tears.

After composing himself, Pratt adds that Stapleton even included something to play the cassette on.

"He even sent this Sony Walkman so I can listen to it. So that's what I'm gonna do," he says as he starts singing along to Stapleton's "Up to No Good Livin'."

Which is exactly what Pratt's Peter Quill character does with his vintage Walkman model TPS-L2 in the movie.

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