Carrie Underwood and Lori McKenna Join the Mutual Adoration Society

These Two Songwriters Are Singing Each Other's Praises

At some point on Wednesday night (May 6), maybe after she'd put her two young sons to bed, Carrie Underwood had a chance to listen to Lori McKenna's latest single, "When You're My Age."

So she listened. She cried. Hard. And then she tweeted.

"Dear ⁦@LoriMcKennaMA, I wish I had 1/100th of your talent. Haven’t cried this hard over a song in a long time," Underwood shared with a link to McKenna's song about how your kids are your babies even when they are your age.

McKenna wrote Underwood back on Thursday.

"Dear @carrieunderwood," she replied. "You are too kind. Your talent runs circles around mine for sure. But I’m so thankful you like this song!! Can’t thank you enough for listening. And us love junkies can’t wait to write more songs with you! Sending love and thanks!" The Love Junkies are McKenna, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose, and together with Underwood they penned "Cry Pretty."

McKenna, 51, has five children, who likely inspired the idea that no matter how many things your babies outgrow, they will never outgrow their mother's love. The piano ballad is the lead single off McKenna's upcoming album The Balladeer, due out on July 24.

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