WATCH: Chris Lane Protects Pregnant Wife And Dogs From Skunk In Hilarious Video

Chris Lane and Lauren Alaina caught a smelly skunk red-handed in their neighborhood.

Country music star Chris Lane recently proved that he has the reflexes of a ninja.

The "Big, Big Plans" singer took to social media to share home surveillance footage of his dog getting sprayed by a skunk.

As Lane quickly bolts out of the house screaming, "Cooper! Cooper! Cooper, No!" his wife Lauren Bushnell Lane observes from afar, demanding their other dog Chloe to hang back and not get involved in the sticky situation.

While Bushnell delegates from inside the house, the camera captured her getting herself back together. Her jokester husband did not fail to call her out in his recent Instagram and asked fans how they would have handled the sudden incident.

"Skunk VS Me Coop and Chloe 😂 Needless to say I've lost my voice, and @laurenlane is Wedgie Free…How would yall have handled this situation different? 🤠" he wrote in the caption.

Fans flooded the comment section thanking the chart-topping artist for sharing the hysterical clip and for giving them a good laugh.

"My stomach muscles hurt from laughing," said a fan. "This is so amazing 😂🙌 I love the authenticity," another pointed out.

Lane's recent duet partner Lauren Alaina took to her personal Instagram account to acknowledge that a sneaky skunk had been lingering around their neighborhood, and her dog also fell victim.

"Y'all. Chris and I are neighbors. Live one mile apart," Alaina explained. "A skunk sprayed my dogs three weeks ago. My house just stopped smelling like it. Worst experience ever. I relate to the yelling. The wedgie picking. The hysteria is real," she said.

In the mix of all the madness and catching the skunk red-handed, Alaina and Lane joined forces to place a country-pop twist on the critically acclaimed King Harvest 1972 track, "Dancing In The Moonlight." The revamped version of "Dancin' In The Moonlight" is destined to be the song of the summer, as the 70s-infused melody will encourage listeners to hit the town. Jesse Frasure, Sherman Kelly, and Brett Tyler penned the groovy anthem that displays Alaina's soaring, yet sassy vocals and Lane's old-school country sound.

"The first time I heard this take on' Dancin' In The Moonlight,' it was a demo I kept listening to on repeat. It sounds like summer to me and feels like the kind of song you want to put on when you're on the boat, at a bonfire, grilling, or hanging with the people you love. I love the classic feel it has, and I love that I get to share it with my second-favorite Lauren."'shared Lane in a statement upon release. "The original is one of those songs that lives on for many generations. Everyone knows the original. I am excited to be a part of a new take on such an impactful and iconic song. I absolutely love the way it turned out. It's an added bonus that I get to sing it with my buddy, Chris Lane," Alaina added.

Alaina is slated to perform at a string of festivals all summer long. Meanwhile, Lane is currently on his headlining trek. The multi-platinum artist will wrap up his must-see run on October 15 in Santa Clarita, California. Tickets are available, here.

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