Your Beard Might Put You on Chris Stapleton's Guest List

Next time you're in a Papa John's picking up a pizza, know that the guy making your pizza could very well be the next big thing in country music. In a video on country newcomer Chris Stapleton's website, he talks about his debut single "What Are You Listening To?" and how he never forgets about the road that got him where he is now.

"I keep a little badge in my medicine cabinet at home -- where I worked at Papa John's for a time," he says. "Every time I open my medicine cabinet, I see it as a reminder that I worked a lot of different things to be doing what I'm doing now."

The singer-songwriter goes on to say, "I don't know that anyone could love their job more than I do." And now Stapleton is celebrating that love of his job with a cheap (but time-consuming) way to get into his shows by inviting fans to use their beards to get them on his guest list. He's calling for all of you to send him your photos of your facial hair through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtag #GetClearedWithYourBeard.

"It's funny," he said in a press release about the beard event. "I get a lot of questions right off the bat from fans about my beard, which always makes for a great conversation starter. We just get straight down to the personal stuff.

"I decided to have some fun with it and celebrate the beard ... women too! If your husband or boyfriend or brother -- or even your grandma -- has a beard, and you are proud of it, then send in your photos."

The Kentucky native has co-written major hits for other country artists, including Darius Rucker's "Come Back Song" and Kenny Chesney's "Never Wanted Nothing More," but my favorite one he co-wrote is a deep Tim McGraw album cut from 2007 called "Whiskey and You."

Stapleton's current tour dates run through mid-November.

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