Maren Morris: Longhorns Are Everywhere

Rootsy Edge Extends Into Home and Ink

When Maren Morris posted a picture of her gorgeous new tattoo this week, I wasn’t surprised she’d gone with a longhorn on her skin. Because she’s from Texas, and it just looks kind of perfect on her.

But now I know a little bit more about her love of longhorns.

Morris recently had her Nashville backyard reimagined, and when she did a Q&A with home stylist Lori Paranjape, Morris described her style as “a little southern, a little modern glam.”

And that she loves to bring in “a longhorn here and there.”

As for how she brings her music and style together, Morris said she will always have a little rootsy edge to her music and style.

“I love everything from cute antiques to mid-century modern," she said. "I think if you stick to one style it can feel a little limiting, and I approach my music with the same mentality.”

If you get invited to hang in Morris’ swanky backyard, expect to hear a playlist that has everything from Beyoncé and the Grateful Dead to Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.

And expect to love longhorns just as much as she does.

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