CMT Roundup: New Music From Kenny Chesney, Camille Parker, Kameron Marlowe and more

Hear the newest in country music on CMT's playlist The Roundup.

When it comes to new country music, it's a superstar weekend. Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, Kameron Marlowe, Jordan Davis, Miranda Lambert with Enrique Iglesias and more dropped fresh songs to keep your Friday night soundtrack loaded with the brightest the genre has to offer.

Hear those and more on CMT's new music playlist The Roundup.

Kenny Chesney “Thinkin’ Bout”: “The hardest part of letting go,” Chesney said, “is actually letting go. All that chemistry, all that intimacy, all that doesn’t need to be said is such a big thing... Whatever’s wrong, obviously it’s not gonna change. But it gets late, you get thinking – and next thing you know, you’re tumbling back into something that just can’t be. I love this song, because it gets into that space where you’re thinking about knowing you shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t think about that person, and that’s when maybe the letting go can really start to happen no matter how good it feels or how much you make each other laugh.”

Kameron Marlowe, “Quit You”: “This is my follow up to 'Giving You Up,'" Marlowe said. “The first line, at '20 years old I kicked those cigarettes, the same year me and whiskey took a break' is the hook of 'Giving You Up,' but rewritten to modern day of how I got where I am today. This is the space I was in before I met Meagan when I was looking for something to fill the void of finding myself. Now, I'm addicted to her love more than I'm addicted to anything else. She makes me a better person; she grounds me and I am thankful for her love. I found myself through finding someone who understands me and loves me for all my faults. All the things I had been trying to quit like nicotine or cutting back on drinking, she's my addiction. It's the perfect love song.”

Luke Dick, “True Companion”: “Yes, the song is about traveling to places, but it’s also about traveling through the universe together,” Dick said. “It feels miraculous.”

Dierks Bentley, “American Girl”: “(Tom) Petty’s southern roots shined through across his songwriting and storytelling,” Bentley said. “He might not have ever been considered as country, but you can’t go into a bar in Nashville without hearing this song. It is one of the greatest songs in a life’s work of great American songs. The spirit of this woman, the idea of such relentless hope – and disappointment – ignites such a spark. Jon and I were driven to make that feeling of American roots stand tall."

Camille Parker, “Spinning Out”: “I was feeling a little overwhelmed and needed a song that made me feel ok about not having it all figured out yet, so I wrote ‘Spinning Out.’ If you're not having your best day I hope you can play this and dance the negativity away,” Parker said.

Nolan Taylor, “Cincinnati Heart”: “‘Cincinnati Heart’ is a true reflection on the swift passage of time and the challenges of distance in relationships,” Taylor said. “The complexities of love and connection, exploring the impact of years together and the enduring bond that remains. ‘Cincinnati Heart’ is not just a song; it’s a journey through emotions, and I’m excited to take you on this ride with me. Onward & upward.”

RVSHVD, “Deal With The Devil”: ’Deal With The Devil’ is about my anxiety and how I have to deal with it. I’ve lived with anxiety my whole life and there comes a time when I can’t keep ignoring it,” RVSHVD said. “This year I’m focusing more on letting folks get to know me and this song is a good start.”

George Birge, “Cowboy Songs”: “Growing up playing dive bars in Texas, I always wanted to capture that image in a song,” Birge said. “The moment we started writing ‘Cowboy Songs,’ I was instantly transported back to a hot, smoky, throwback dance hall night in the Austin, Texas that I grew up in. I couldn’t love it more.”

Shelby Darrall, "When I Don't Love You": “It’s been so cool for me to see fans reacting to this song and posting it with their own stories of personal growth. I’ve always wanted to have this type of a relationship with fans where they can go to my music and use it in their own lives, so that makes me really happy to see.”

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