CMT Premiere: Taylor Edwards Proves That Distance Can’t Come Between Family In Music Video, “Call Your Sister”

Taylor Edwards: “I hope fans see and feel their own unique sibling bonds while watching ours.”

Like many musicians, Taylor Edwards packed her bags and fled her tiny town in Arkansas to pursue music in Nashville. While attending Belmont University, the aspiring artist tirelessly studied songwriting. While honing in on her craft, she penned “Call Your Sister” alongside songsmiths Megan Redmond, Emily Falvey, and Chris Ganoudis.

The letter-like single is dedicated to her little sister, Berkleigh. Despite being 17 years apart, Edwards made it clear through the relatable lyrics that the distance between them would never break their close-knit relationship.

In the midst of the pandemic, the sweet tribute track instantly catapulted Edwards to stardom on TikTok. To date, the relatable clip garnered over 1.8M views and 387K likes. To keep up the positive momentum, the budding vocalist teamed up with video director Jessica Steddom to capture their sisterly bond.

Edwards told CMT that she experienced a mixture of emotions while filming the music video, as the lyrics still tug at her heartstrings.

“It's such a special song for me that when we started filming my first few takes, it was hard for me to not cry all of my makeup off thinking about what I was singing,” she shared. “I also loved seeing my little sister film in her element in Arkansas! She was such a pro.”

The sentimental video displays Edwards chasing her country music dreams in Nashville, while Berkleigh grows up in Arkansas and goes about her everyday life. Edward’s soul-touching vocals paired with the sequence of notable snippets, are certain to encourage fans to check in on their family and friends.

“Flipping back and forth between my day and my little sister’s day, this video shows that no matter how far apart we are…we’re always connected. It’s hard watching her grow up 500 miles away, but this video perfectly captured the moments that I feel like I miss,” she expressed.

The TikTok star turned country music artist revealed that her initial vision for the song officially came to life, when she watched the completed music video for the first time.

“I completely lost it when I saw the final version of the “Call Your Sister” video. Obviously, I’ve lived with the song for a minute, but it almost made me feel like I was on the outside looking it by seeing the song play out how I was envisioning it the day we wrote it,” she said full of excitement.

Edwards hopes the 3-minute music video urges fans to think about their siblings.

“I hope fans see and feel their own unique sibling bonds while watching ours. If they are miles apart or minutes down the road, I hope it inspires them to always keep in touch,” she concluded.

Call Your Sister” lives on Edwards 2021 EP, “Born In July.” The seven-song tracklist covers everything from the importance of mental health, homesickness, life as a twenty-something-year-old, and being single. The well-rounded collection serves as a reminder to Millennials to take life one step at a time.

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