Luke Bryan: Huntin’, Fishin' and Sellin’ Cigars

He Signs the First Box Sold at His New Cigar Shop in Florida

I don’t know who the Wilsons are, but they are probably loving their Jericho Hill cigars a little more than usual this month.

Because they were Luke Bryan’s first customers at his brand new cigar shop in Florida -- Shore Thing Cigars -- so he autographed their box of cigars with, “To the Wilsons, First box sold, Luke Bryan.” Something they'll treasure long after they've smoked the last cigar.

Bryan and partner Paul Copeland, formerly of Franklin Cigar right outside of Nashville, just opened the new cigar lounge at The Hub on the eastern end of Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach.

The new spot features a walk-in humidor with all kinds of hand-rolled cigars from the Dominican Republic and Honduras, plus wine and beer and plenty of room to enjoy it all.

According to the Walton Sun newspaper in Santa Rosa Beach, Copeland and Bryan met when Bryan came into Franklin Cigar and later became fast friends, fishing buddies and, now, business partners. And since Bryan and his family have a home in nearby South Walton Beach, this seaside location made perfect sense.

(Even though Bryan is the shop's owner, I think Brad Paisley's already got the theme song ready. His old "Cigar Song" about buying a box of cigars, insuring them, smoking them all, making a claim, buying more, then ultimately getting thrown in jail on 24 separate counts of arson would make perfect sense to the shop's customers.)

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