John Legend, Lee Ann Womack Talk About 'CMT Crossroads' Collaboration

'CMT Crossroads: John Legend and Lee Ann Womack' Premieres Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Editor's note: CMT Crossroads: John Legend and Lee Ann Womack premieres Friday (Sept. 26) at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

"It's perfect. It works really well," John Legend said of his collaboration with fellow Grammy winner Lee Ann Womack for a new episode of CMT Crossroads.

Those who attended the recent taping near Nashville would concur. Performing with a band selected by Womack's husband, producer Frank Liddell, Legend proved to be a consummate professional who was looking forward to the vocal pairing.

"We were approached by CMT to do it, and they talked about a few different people I could do it with," he said. "But when they suggested Lee Ann, we thought that would be perfect. We thought her voice and mine would work so well together. I'm a singer that loves singers and that loves people that have just a great tone and great control. I knew that I would love working with Lee Ann."

Throughout rehearsals, the two began to realize an undeniable chemistry they shared onstage. To Legend and Womack, the collaboration has a deeper relevance they hope will resonate with fans.

"I'd love for them to see the connection between the different kinds of music," Womack said. "I think it's all soul music, and I'd love for them to see that."

"Yes!" Legend added. "I believe that it's all soul music. I believe it's all music that's rooted in American south. I've always felt that soul and R&B and country have always been cousins. ... I've collaborated with other country artists before, but this is the most that I've delved into anyone's catalog in this way. And I'm loving it."

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