Morgan Wade Releases Video For Her Latest Single, "Wilder Days"

The clip shows the country-rocker longing for days when she was "a little wilder"

Country rocker Morgan Wade continues a string of notable 2021 moments to date with the release of a new video for her single "Wilder Days." The Floyd, Virginia native's latest clip portrays her alter ego pausing for a boozy, longing reflection on the life she wishes she were living.

Regarding her country-inspired sound, the vocalist notes, “I have a country accent, so everyone assumes that I’ll just sing country music, but I like to do a lot more than that,” she recently told Rolling Stone. “I just want to play whatever I want to play, and right now, that happens to be more like rock music or pop music.”

Nashville haunts Rosemary, and Santa's Pub are featured in the video. Wade covers up her tattoos and accompanies her boyfriend (played by musician Josh Jakub) to Rosemary for a date. The video then fades into imagery Wade dreamily contemplates meeting her beau when he was “a little wilder” and younger when they could be playing pool and dancing the night away at Santa’s Pub.

Wade's March 19-released album Reckless has received effusive critical praise. Regarding the album and current single, American Highways raves, "Reckless finds the sonic midpoint between Wade’s tough-edged live shows and slicker, radio-friendly country. Thematically, the record forms a bridge from Wade’s bad-girl past to her sober young woman present. The lead track, 'Wilder Days,' features a driving, pop-inflected rhythm and has the singer wishing for a partner who can (or would even want to) keep up with her."

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