Luke Bryan Surprises Alana Springsteen With Invitation To Debut At The Grand Ole Opry

Alana Springsteen will celebrate her 22nd birthday at the Opry on Oct. 18.

Fast-rising artist Alana Springsteen recently received a Facetime call that she never expected. 

The "Me Myself and Why" singer was caught off guard, when she picked up the phone and recognized Luke Bryan on the other end. The platinum-selling performer contacted the promising new artist to notify her that she would be making her Grand Ole Opry debut on Oct. 18. 

Springsteen turned to social media this week to share the career-altering moment. 

"This might be the biggest surprise of my life, and we got it on video," Springsteen wrote within the video. "My manager told me we had to meet up the day before I flew to Bali and to not ask any questions. When I walked in, I got a random facetime call, and this is what happened," she explained before sharing the footage. 

Bryan was causally sitting in the front seat of his car when he broke the news. Springsteen did not appear to look concerned but curious to hear the reason behind the impromptu conversation.  

"So, guess what?" the hitmaker asked Springsteen. "I'm calling to give you the news that you will be making your Grand Ole Opry debut on your birthday, October 18," he pointed out, full of enthusiasm. 

The young musician was hit with a wave of emotions. With a beaming smile on her face, Springsteen fell back into her chair and screamed at the top of her lungs. While trying to wrap her head around the milestone, the songstress immediately called her parents. 

"Luke Bryan just FaceTimed me," she told her number one fans. "Dad, I am playing the Opry on my birthday, October 18," Springsteen added. 

Following the surprise, the budding vocalist addressed the "Country On" singer to thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help turn her dream into a reality. Springsteen explained in the lengthy caption that she has fantasized about her Opry debut since she was a child. 

"I've been waiting for this moment since I was little. There are so many videos of me, at nine years old, playing a guitar that was bigger than me in the house I grew up in. I'd put on shows for my parents and grandparents in Virginia, and we'd all pretend they were watching me on the Grand Ole Opry stage," she expressed. "Getting the FaceTime call from Luke [Bryan] was surreal. I was 10 years old when I saw him play 'Rain Is A Good Thing' at the Opry. I had just taken a tour with my parents and we got to watch the show from the pews onstage, which I thought was the coolest thing. It was one of those moments that added fuel to the fire as I realized I wanted to chase this dream. After I hung up with Luke, I called my parents and grandparents." 

Virginia Beach native continued to mention that she looks forward to performing for her family, as they sit in the church-like pews. 

"I'm so grateful they're going to be there to watch me play. To be fair, they've seen me play the Opry hundreds of times, but we won't have to use our imaginations on October 18! Thank you to the entire Opry team for the invite, and to Luke for taking the time to make this an extra special memory for me. I GET TO PLAY THE OPRY!"

The prestigious invitation does not come as a surprise. Springsteen has made a significant impact on the country music space with her relatable storytelling and powerhouse vocals. Her witty wordplay and how she manages to turn heartache into empowerment anthems, have garnered her 71.5 million career streams. 

The fierce singer-songwriter recently proved that her future in country is looking brighter than ever with her well-rounded project "History of Breaking Up (Part Two)," which follows her critically acclaimed 2021 "Part One." Springsteen just appeared at the 5th annual Nashville Songwriter Awards, and honored Chris Stapleton with a jaw-dropping rendition of "You Should Probably Leave" at the historic Ryman Auditorium. 

While climbing the ranks in the ten-year-town and relishing in her success, Nashville's must-watch artist will join Adam Doleac as direct support on his Barstool Whiskey Wonderland Tour in 2023. Springsteen will embark on the nationwide run in February and will wrap in May. For tickets and upcoming appearances, visit

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