CMT Roundup: New Music From Ingrid Andress, Brett Eldredge, RaeLynn and more

Other new songs from artists including Maggie Baugh, Alana Springsteen and Drew Baldridge

The new women of country music are giving it their all this week with some unforgettable lyrics and melodies - not just for summer but for all seasons of life. Ingrid Andress, Maggie Baugh, RaeLynn and Alana Springsteen dropped some of our favorite songs along with Brett Eldredge, Drew Baldridge and more.

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Ingrid Andress, "Seeing Someone Else": Andress co-produced this layered, ambient track with longtime collaborator Sam Ellis to bring weight to the lyrics in "Seeing Someone Else," a genre-busting ballad about growing and evolving while your partner is static.

"We all grow and change, but not everyone wants us to," Andress said in a statement. "Some people want to keep you exactly where you are for as long as possible, even if it's hurting you. Sometimes you don't even realize it's happening. But then one day, you wake up and decide the person they want you to be isn't you anymore, so you pack your shit and break free from their grip."

Andress said writing the song was "very transformative" for her and that she wanted the production to represent the music that inspires her.

"'Seeing Someone Else' was one of the moments on the record where I went a little 'mad scientist' and was like, 'Okay, what would it sound like if we add some synth here, keep pedal steel there, but have an acoustic guitar here?'" she said. "This song has truly become one of my favorites from the new music, and I hope it makes you feel as liberated as I felt when writing it."

"Seeing Someone Else" is the follow-up to "Good Person," both from Andress' forthcoming album.

RaeLynn, "I Love My Hometown": A sassy, youthful ode to RaeLynn's hometown, "I Love My Hometown" is a groovy uptempo about her favorite parts of smalltown life. Written by RaeLynn, Corey Crowder, Brian Kelley and Canaan Smith and produced by Crowder, "I Love My Hometown" includes the lyrics: Yeah, there's folks that I don't talk to| Yeah, there's roads I don't go down|But I love my hometown 'cause it's O.G.|When I walk around everybody knows me

In addition, RaeLynn released "If God Took Days Off, a song that wonders if God took days off from keeping things in order.

"This music is a continuation of where my heart is," RaeLynn says. "I will always love singing about my hometown and good ole Jesus! These songs are super special and only the beginning of what's to come."

Maggie Baugh, "Seein' Somebody": Written by Baugh and "American Idol" alum Lauren Mascitti, "Seein' Somebody" is breezy, soaring, sing-along contemporary bop that's perfect for summer.

"During the beginning stages of dating, we all have those friends who ask way too many questions," Baugh says. "'Do you think he is the one?' 'Tell me everything about him.' My single is a song to answer all of those questions. I cannot wait for people to sing this song at the top of their lungs."

Baugh is a lauded musician who played violin at Carnegie Hall when she was 11 years old, and she's been on stages ever since. She's opened for Luke Combs, Kip Moore and Chris Lane, and Spotify named her their #1 Fresh Find Country for 2021.

Alana Springsteen, "Trust Issues": The weight weighing down Alana Springsteen is officially off her shoulders. The country music breakout star recently (May 13) released "Trust Issues," a heartbreak anthem that reveals her regrets, the lies, and the sticky mess her ex-lover made. The savvy songsmith penned the catchy single alongside Sasha Alex Sloan, Jessie Jo Dillon, and Nick Bailey.

"'Trust Issues' was painful to write. It's a song I had put off writing but knew needed to get out – for my sake," shared Springsteen. "The guy who broke my heart told more lies than I can count and turned out to be the exact opposite of who he promised he was … cue 'Trust Issues.' This song is an anthem for anyone out there who's on the other side of heartbreak, still dealing with anger, sadness, bitterness, and the fear that they may never be able to trust again."

As a co-producer on the track – Springsteen discovered a unique way to leave her raw emotions on the table, while keeping the melody upbeat and breezy. Her Taylor Swift-like storytelling mixed with the feel-good rhythms, will be played on repeat in no time. "Trust Issues" follows her first-ever outside cut, "New Number." Whether she places pen to paper or not, her soulful pipes prove that she is one of Nashville's most promising rising stars.

Drew Baldridge, “Little Bit”: Fast-rising artist Drew Baldridge understands how to lure listeners in from the very first note. Baldridge’s latest release, “Little Bit,” is a head-bobbing banger that will encourage you to roll down the windows and sing-along. Within the festival-ready jam, the vocalist reminds fans to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, as he gives a friendly nod to his small-town upbringing.

“I might be biased coming from a town with a population of just 600 people, but I think that there is something special about being raised in a small-town environment,” shared Baldridge. “‘Little Bit’ is my way of honoring my upbringing and acknowledging the influence it has on me today.”

Baldridge’s deep twang paired with the lively instrumentals of an electric guitar and ear-grabbing percussion, validates his superstar potential. “Little Bit” serves as the lead single off of Baldridge’s upcoming project, which will drop later this year.

Brett Eldredge, “Wait Up For Me”: Country crooner Brett Eldredge just released sizzling single “Wait Up For Me,” an intimate track that is destined to be included on romantic playlists nationwide. Eldredge’s smooth as butter baritone vocals complement the charming lyrics that deliver a tale about a man longing for love and affection.

“Mark [Trussell] and I started writing this song by the fireplace in Montana,” Eldredge explained upon release. “He was playing around with some chords on the piano, and I just started singing and putting a sexy feel to it. Heather [Morgan] was dealing with some altitude sickness that day and was resting at the time, but suddenly she appeared out of nowhere with this amazing line – ‘I’m gonna keep you warm like a furnace in the winter // you can cool me off like a summertime breeze.’ She arose from her slumber and just jumped right in!”

The grand piano-infused melody serves as a sneak peek into his forthcoming fifth studio album, “Songs About You.” The 12-song collection is due to drop on June 17, just days before he embarks on his headlining tour.

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