Maddie & Tae Pen Love Letter to Everyone Who Loved "Die From a Broken Heart"

"Giving Up Is Not in Our Wheelhouse If You Can't Tell"

In case you missed it, because we know that not everyone reads industry newsletters like the Billboard Country Update, Maddie & Tae had a lot to say about their latest No. 1 song “Die From a Broken Heart.” It's a song that took 54 weeks to reach the top of the charts, but they aren't mad about it.

"Dear Country Radio," they start in a full-page handwritten note in the newsletter.

"It’s been five years since you’ve seen us on the top of the charts. You changed our lives in 2015," they said, referencing their debut (and No. 1) song "Girl in a Country Song," "and now you’ve changed them again. You’ve played a big role, along with our amazing team, in our beautiful story of redemption. We won, we lost, we created, we got back up, and now we are here again.

"Giving up is not in our wheelhouse if you can’t tell, ha ha. We want to say thank you for showing up for us five years ago and now again today. Thank you for spreading our voices and stories through your radio waves. Everyone needs a damn hug, especially now, and country music is just that. A giant musical hug."

Maddie & Tae continued to sing country radio's praises with, "It takes a village. Y’all are one big crazy ass village that we love and appreciate very much. We pray all who read this acknowledge the part you played in this big win. Thanks a million."

And then they signed off with a little reminder that everyone needs to hear right now: that the women in country music matter and deserve to be heard and played and celebrated.

"Cheers, God bless, and keep playing the girls," they wrote. "We are a damn good time."

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