#NashvilleCMT Recap [SPOILER ALERT]

Juliette Needs a Hit, but at What Cost?

Juliette needs a hit.

That was the first thing she demanded of Glen on Thursday night's (June 15) episode of CMT's Nashville. And by her bossy tone, it was obvious that she thought it was her manager's job to find one for her.

"I don't want to be on a list behind Miranda and Carrie and Kacey and Kelsea and whatever," she said. He brought her some songs, which she must've hated because she asked him, "Where are all the good songs?" and "Do I have to do everything myself?"

The answer? Hell, yes.

So Juliette went to go see her old songwriting friend Travis, and while she was there, he gave her a song to deliver to Maddie. But, you know, oops. She "accidentally" listened to the song, decided it was not a good fit for Maddie and told Travis as much. You could just see the dollar signs in Juliette's eyes as she thought about cutting it herself. By the end of the episode, she started to draft an honest email to Maddie about the song stealing, then deleted it as fast as she wrote it. Such a Juliette move.

But Maddie was kind of occupied with drama of her own, anyway. She was thrilled to hear her debut single on the radio - finally -- but after a radio interview gone bad, she was whining to her boyfriend Clay about how the DJ only wanted to talk about her late mother when, voila, the cops showed up.

Clay was just driving Maddie home from the radio station when they got pulled over for allegedly rolling through a stop sign. Maddie insisted to the cop that Clay stopped at all of them, and got really ticked off when cop wouldn't explain himself. You could cut the racial tension with a knife. So naturally, Maddie started to tell the story on Snapchat.

"Is it because he's black? Is that why? Because he's not driving a Range Rover," she asked the police.

Ultimately, Maddie and Clay got arrested and some nosy neighbors were there to capture the whole thing on video. Which ended up on the news and caused poor Clay to be harassed by some paparazzi.

Juliette explained how the no-such-thing-as-bad-press could be a blessing.

"You have made quite a splash. Own it. Stand up and take whatever comes," she told Maddie.

But that is just not how Rayna raised her, so she was crying about it constantly and, even worse, Clay broke up with her over it. When Deacon was comforting her, she blurted out that she and Clay hadn't even had sex. Probably TMI for her dad, but he did turn things around for Maddie to get her to look at the bigger picture.

"I've learned some lessons in all these mistakes I've made," Deacon tells her. "One thing is for sure: Life is long, things change, nothing stays the same forever. When it comes to love, if it's not meant to be, there's nothing in the world can make it happen. But if it is, there ain't nothing in the world that can stop it."

But Deacon kind of had his own drama going on. He was trying to decide if he should or shouldn't go play a songwriters' night at the Bluebird Café. Bucky gave him the "Rayna-would-want-this" pep talk. Even theorizing that if she was still alive, she'd say, "Hey, Deacon, you're made of music. It's the thing that's always healed you and it's the best part of you."

So he went. Even though it meant leaving Daphne and her homeless forever-sleepover friend Liv alone at home. All's well at home, so the Bluebird gig went very well. Deacon even reconnected with another songwriter, and the chemistry was undeniable.

But over in Scarlett's world, things were not working out too well. Damien -- her baby daddy -- showed up in Nashville and wanted to make sure that Scarlett and Gunnar were just as thrilled about having a baby as he was. He took them to see a giant house he wanted to buy for their non-traditional family and tried to turn every moment alone with Scarlett into a make-out session.

"If you want to start a real little family, I think we can do this," Damien told her.

But Gunnar. Poor, sweet Gunnar. Because the decision was tearing Scarlett apart, she went to her Uncle Deacon and fell apart, telling him that Damien's plan included "co-parenting until such time as the baby named Rupert goes to prep school and learns to play cricket."

Deacon knew just what to say, though. So off Scarlett went to tell Damien, "No, thank you." She told Damien he was just not "that guy." He politely agreed, and they walked away from each other and their potential little family.

Which you'd think would make Gunnar happy, because he had been very open about the idea of raising Damien's baby as his own. But when Scarlett tells him what transpired with Damien, that he is off the table, she started to cry.

"If it's all the same to you, I'd rather not watch you cry over another guy," Gunnar told her as he walked away.

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